Two 87- and 84-year-old sisters from Connecticut met before the judges last Tuesday. Their story dates back to 1995 when they earned more than $ 160,000 at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Indeed, Rose Bakaysa and Theresa Sokaitis are real gambling enthusiasts and after collecting this first win, they signed a pact to share all the winnings accumulated in lottery games or casino games . But the problems started as soon as a money move made by one annoyed the other especially when in 2005 Rose Bakaysa won with her brother Joseph Troy a Powerball jackpot that she did not want to share with his sister.

The dispute ended in the court where Sokaitis accused her sister of violating the contents of their contract. Although no legal text is applicable in this kind of situation because the contract established between the two women has no legal value, the Supreme Court still decided to treat the case in a trial. The hearing for Bakaysa’s testimony took place on Tuesday afternoon.

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